Strong and stable again …

Work to repair a section of wall overlooking one of the courtyards at Portland Works has now been completed, thanks to generous grants from the J G Graves Charitable Trust and the Sheffield Town Trust and donations from our supporters.

The work involved replacing a concrete window sill and brick pier on the first floor of C Block that were disintegrating and becoming unsafe. This was not a glamorous project, but it was essential for maintaining the stability and safety of this part of the works.

The project required special scaffolding to prop the wall while the existing sill and pier were removed and replaced. The Friends trustees decided to take advantage of the scaffolding and funded two new windows at a cost of £1260 so they could be installed at the same time.

The Graves Trust and Town Trust each donated £2000 towards this project, for which Friends of Portland Works are most grateful as their generosity has enabled the work to be carried out without using all the money we have earmarked for other projects.