portland works MakerSpace

Sheffield’s New Events Space

Thanks to a generous grant from the Foyle Foundation, boosted by funding from the Friends of Portland Works, the MakerSpace events room is now fully equipped for lectures, meetings, exhibitions and social gatherings of all kinds.

The room, which was originally used for finishing processes on R. F. Mosley’s cutlery, had been rented for many years by local musicians. When the last tenant moved out, the Tuesday volunteers moved in and spent many months renovating it. Electrics and plumbing were upgraded, and the entire space, measuring 20 metres x 6 metres and including 18 original sash windows, was renovated.

As the work neared completion, FoPW applied to the Foyle Foundation (think bookshops!) for a grant towards the equipment needed to make the space viable as an educational and community resource. The Foundation replied with a grant of £4000, to which Friends added £1514 from our own funds.

This has enabled Portland Works to install a good-quality Sony projector with an LED/laser system, a 3m x 3m electric screen, blackout blinds, an induction audio loop, an exhibition display system, new folding/stacking chairs and a hot/cold water dispenser, so the space is virtually self-contained. Most of the equipment was installed by Portland’s gallant volunteers.

Thanks to the Foyle Foundation and many individual donations received by FoPW, the MakerSpace is now a well-equipped venue for a wide variety of events in a unique historic building. For information about hiring it, please visit the Portland Works website.