Great Gutter!

Friends of Portland Works has funded the replacement of an important feature of the works and much improved the appearance of the Randall Street frontage.

The original timber gutter, now over 130 years old, was in a bad state, allowing rainwater to spill down the outside of the building and also cause concern for the safety of passers-by.  The time had come for it to be completely replaced. Because Portland Works is a 2* listed building, this had to match the original – solid timber measuring 10in. (25cm) from front to back and 6in. (15cm) deep.  Ten six-metre lengths were needed, all pressure-treated, along with replacement supports, down-pipes and fittings that had also rotted.

The new guttering and pipe-work was fitted by volunteers, who do a lot of the building and refurbishment at Portland Works.  The result is a much-improved appearance and much better protection for the Randall Street frontage.