72010 Hengist – a steam locomotive for the 21st Century’ Wednesday, 19 July just £5

72010 Hengist – a steam locomotive for the 21st Century’
I was excited to hear of an amazing project to build a new locomotive from scratch here in South Yorkshire! Friends of Portland Works has secured the services of Geoff Turner to tell us about the project . Geoff’s career has been in engineering, starting in Sheffield. For the last 17 years he worked in the oil and gas industry mainly on the design of subsea oil well equipment. Geoff is putting a lifetime of experience into building a locomotive for the 21st century. Since 2011 he has been a Director of the Standard Steam Locomotive Company and he has a key role as Engineering Director.
The Company’s mission is to preserve the history and heritage of a lost class of British steam locomotive, by re-creating it with 21st century design and engineering techniques, to enable this iconic steam locomotive to be greener, cleaner and more powerful, making it perfect for main line and heritage railways throughout the country.
And its all happening here in South Yorkshire!
In his talk Geoff will describe the project to build a new steam locomotive. He will show the original locomotives in service in the 1950s, then leading onto the project to date and the modern manufacturing methods to build Hengist in today’s engineering environment.
I am sure you will be inspired by the ambition and determination that Geoff and his colleagues are putting into this fantastic project.
Book your tickets soon as I know this will be a very popular event!